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Local photography is just that, local. I will sometimes set out to capture interesting scenes during local events. The wonderful architecture in the Peoria Area and of course our beautiful skyline and river front. This would include the surrounding cities & towns as well.
20150613-SFA774620140704-SFA2250 , Peoria July 4th 201420140704-SFA2135 , Peoria July 4th 201420140510-SFA0360 , Peoria Skyline20140510-SFA0330 , Peoria Skyline20140330-SFA909420140330-SFA9092 , Commerce Bank20140330-SFA9086 , Joe's Crab Shack20140330-SFA9081 , 401 Water Street20140330-SFA904720140330-SFA903720140330-SFA9027 , Peoria  Down Under20140330-SFA9027 , Peoria  Down Under20140220-SFA8634-b&w , Reseading Light20131101-SFA982120131004-SFA7927 , A Fondulac View20131003-SFA7740 , Rain Drops20130802-SFA9129 , Amazing Steel20130722-SFA4841 , Just Above The Ears20130722-SFA4810 , Above The Ears