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Here you will find my most current works and maybe a favorite or two. I will change them as others become available. So check back often. I hope you see in them what I do.
20180207-SFA0376 , Frozen Tear20171229-SFA7223 , Three Amigos20171101-SFA5884 , The After Life20171026-SFA4718 , Nisqually River20171026-SFA4996 , Stars Over Haystack20171026-SFA4394 , Mount Rainier20180101-SFA0521 , Spirit Of The Bog20171023-SFA3538 , Face Rock20171019-SFA2953 , Shipwrecked20171023-SFA3496 , Stacks At Dawn20180104-SFA7529 , Smoke On The Water20180101-SFA0634 , Great Grey Owl20180103-SFA1449 , Great Grey At Moonset20171019-SFA2932 , Cluttered20171026-SFA4841 , Weathered Wood20171025-SFA4179 , Fairytale Morning