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Pekin, IL High School (West Campus) 1916-1999

This is a short series of images I captured during a one day shoot on 2/11/14. I know for some of you this will be a little bitter sweet. All that was left of the beautiful architecture when I arrived was the front entrance and one side entrance that faced west. I drove past it for several years while it still stood and always liked the extreme detail of the building. It is detail you just don't see anymore especially for a school, of any kind. Even though I knew nothing about this school or its history it was sad so see it go and I felt it at least deserved the few images I could capture of it during it's last days. I am actually a little sorry I did not start earlier in my quest to photograph it now. I hope others were able to capture more of it than I was able too. If anybody has any comments or memories they would like to share please do so below. I would enjoy hearing from you.